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what is slot 2 for on a nintendo ds? | Yahoo Answers

Slot 2 Cover? - Nintendo DS Answers for DS - GameFAQs Is there any place where I can buy the cover for Slot 2?KO), Nintendo DS Lite Brain Age Bundle (US), Nintendo DS Lite New Super Mario Bros Bundle (US), Nintendo DS Lite Pink Ribbon Limited Edition (US), Nintendo DS Lite Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Bundle (US), Nintendo DS Lite (US, JP)... What goes in slot 2 on ds lite | Fantastic Game - play for… The Nintendo DS Lite slot cover is enclosed in the original Nintendo DS Lite packaging and is used to protect Slot-2 for Game Boy Advance games.Jan 25, · The slot 2 is capable of running gameboy advance cartridges but also smaller cartridges only compatible with the nintendo ds lite. Что это за штука, сидящая в слоте 2 моего нового DS lite… Когда вы покупаете новый DS-лист, какой-то заполнитель находится в слоте 2 DS. Похоже, что у него есть электрические контакты, но я не могу найти нигде в документацииКрышка отсека для картриджа является заменой для той, которая включена в комплект поставки Nintendo DS Lite.

I purchased a used DS Lite from Gamestop a few days ago, but after a few hours of messing around with it, I found it had some defects so I took it back the next day. When I received my replacement, I found out later that it didn't have a slot-2 cover. Not wanting to be a nuisance, I didn't go back to complain.

Nintendo DS Lite SLOT- 2 Cover ... Nintendo DS Lite SLOT- 2 Cover by jwags55 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial ... Lost your NDS Lite SLOT-2 cover? Here you go. Instructions. I printed @ 0.1 mm layers with 40% fill. I would imagine many other combinations will work fine. Nintendo DS Slot-2 (GBA) DMA to FTDI PFIFO Interface

What is this thing sitting in slot 2 of my new DS lite? - Arqade

ds lite slot 2 | eBay Find great deals on eBay for ds lite slot 2. Shop with confidence. Whats a Good GBA flashcart for my DS Lite (Slot-2 ...

The following is an alphabetical list of Nintendo DS games with a special Game Boy Advance linkage function. When the corresponding Game Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special features are unlocked in the Nintendo DS game.

How to Reset a Nintendo DS Lite: 11 Steps - wikiHow How to Reset a Nintendo DS Lite. Did your game crash on your DS Lite? Or did you buy a used DS and find someone else's data on it? A soft reset or, if need be, a hard reset might just be the answer to your problems. Does DSi have the GBA slot? - Nintendo Fan Club - GameSpot I've been hearing some conflicting words (and reading some conflicting posts) regarding whether the DSi will retain its GBA slot or not. On the one hand, it seems more marquis games (such as ...

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slot 1 = DS catridge slot slot 2 = gba catridge slot DS lite is lighter smaller and brighter than normal DS both slots do the same thing except some slot 2 can have memory in order for you to use a web browser with wifi Slot 2 flash cart for DS Lite? Clarification and ... If I do upgrade my DS flashcart I would like to run Gameyob or Lameboy on it to emulate GB and GBC. For slot 2 carts I have looked into EZ Flash products. The EZ Flash 3 in 1 looks very nice with its DS Lite form factor but it looks a little cumbersome to use and I think it only supports one game at a time. what is slot 2 for on a nintendo ds? | Yahoo Answers The slot 2 is capable of running gameboy advance cartridges but also smaller cartridges only compatible with the nintendo ds lite. These are rare but usefull, I believe the opera browser uses these smaller cartridges in addition to the regular nintendo ds flashcards. Anyways, the number one use is backwards compatibility.