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END OF STORY !!!!! If you are still convinced that gambling is bad then at least realize that gambling is no different from any other consensual crime. Prohibiting it does not make it go away. It merely pushes it underground where it is impossible to monitor for cheating and Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why Why should gambling be legal… its very simple, LIBERTY. I, as a United States citizen, have individual protection by the United States constitution. I should be allowed to make good and bad choices as I see fit so long as I do not directly harm or infringe the rights of another. Benefits of Legalized Gambling; The Economic To The Social

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David Blankenhorn: Plenty of reasons why not to legalize ... An incontrovertible truth of U.S. sports history — and the main reason why all league officials until now have opposed sports betting — is that gambling and corruption, soliciting bets and enticing players and referees to cheat, go ... Should Sports Betting Be Legal? | Debate Club | US News Recently, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced that his state would defy the federal ban on sports betting and would allow gambling on sporting events come the fall. On the other side of the country, the California State Senate ...

Both “sins” are legal in Holland, and prostitution is legal in most of Europe. The results have been almost exclusively fantastic. The only problem marijuana causes in Holland is it draws the hooligans from other countries where it isn’t legal -a problem that could be solved by legalizing it everywhere.

Supreme Court lets state legalize sports gambling - CNNPolitics May 14, 2018 ... Supreme Court lets states legalize sports gambling .... "The legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is ...

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Why Gambling Should be Illegal | Teen Ink Why Gambling Should be Illegal . March 18, 2013. By amerten BRONZE, ... Even though gambling is legal, it should not be because of its harmful economic, ... The Reasons Why Sports Betting Should Be Legalized With all forms of gambling continuing to expand, it doesn't make sense why sports betting is not legal. Here are 7 reasons why it should be. Why Sports Gambling Should Be Legal - Baseball News | Why Sports Gambling Should Be Legal The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) allows only four states to offer any sort of legal sports gambling; the ... Should sports betting be legal? | The Perspective

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Iowa casino looks forward to sport gambling becoming legal | WQAD ... Mar 8, 2019 ... ... committee Friday. The Illinois bill to legalize sports gambling is still making its way through committees. ... Iowa casino looks forward to sport gambling becoming legal ... Nauman says that's one reason it's best to have casinos run sports betting. ... Iowa Legislature debates who should run sports betting ... Should online gambling be legalized nationwide? | Today's Question ... Oct 5, 2015 ... Those opposed to legalization of internet gaming often overlook the fact .... If one form of gambling is legal, what is a really good reason for not ... Why Is Gambling Illegal? – The Future of Freedom Foundation Dec 11, 2012 ... All forms of gambling that have been legalized throughout the ... or the states with revenue, but for the simple reason that there should be no ... Supreme Court lets state legalize sports gambling - CNNPolitics